Welcome to the online home of Northern Heart and Soul CIC 

We offer you a warm Wigan welcome 

It’s difficult to offer someone a warm welcome online. You’ll need to imagine being warmly welcomed – a smile, a hand shake, a hug, maybe a brew and a biscuit.

If you’ve taken the time to visit us visit us then maybe you are curious about the journey we are on – dreaming into becoming a self-organising and renovating community that centres the feminine spirit, children and young people. Trusting that we can walk together towards a commoning future where racial, economic and climate justice can be realised.

Northern Heart and Soul formed as a CiC in August 2021 after spending a couple of years cultivating community as co-founders of Springfield, Beech Hill and Gidlow CommUnity, a mutual aid group, covering the ward of Wigan West. It’s during those dark and unjust times that the possibility of a more connected and just future revealed itself. So, we decided to make this the work, rather than ‘go back to work’. And thanks to investment from Lankelly Chase Foundation, we’ve been able to step into the journey at a very hyper local level. You could say our feet are firmly on the ground.

We’ve created this website as a living record. To share the joy we create, the new mistakes we make and the insights we glean. In doing so, we imagine, that we’ll discover more and more companions from across the globe. After all, as Rumi eloquently articulates, ‘We’re all just walking each other home’.

The Dream

We dream of a connected, healthy, wealthy and powerful community

The Dreamer Weavers

Meet the dream weavers and convenors

Journal of the Journey

The Joy and Pain of transitioning

Interviews and Stories

Shining a light on the future that’s under our nose


Lessons from the journey

Companions in the Commons

Co-conspirators, collaborators and those we credit

NHS Northern Heart & Soul CiC

Journal of the Journey

Behind the scenes work that relates to the theory of change. To hold the looking glass as we walk.