The way in which Gill and Angela work is greatly influenced by many great people and their work in the world. It’s important to name them and credit the ones that have really helped to shape thinking and practice. 

The co-conspirators, collaborators and those whose ideas and work we must credit.


Our neighbourhood

The people in the neighbourhood where we live. Not a day goes by without receiving a new piece of wisdom, or seeing something or someone in a different light. The growing network of local neighbourhoods and people who are interested in community driven change, including Vicky, Clare, Lisa and Dave.

Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield Womens Network

The organising circle that’s been convening the hatching of the Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield Womens Network

Wigan Womens Network

New Northern Weave

The New Northern Weave – an amazing group of women from across Greater Manchester and supported by Lankelly Chase.  It’s a sacred space. 

New Northern Weave
New Northern Weave
Nurture Development

Asset Based Community Development

Asset Based Community Development and in particular the work of Cormac Russell and his curation of the 10 Touchstones of Asset Based Community Development.  They, and his most recent book, the Connected Community, penned with John McKnight, and the people in the places that he accompanies, guide many of our steps. 

Peter Block

Peter Block and his work on the Structure of Belonging and the Six Conversations that Matter, along with his most recent publication, Confronting our Freedom, Leading a Culture of Chosen Accountability and Belonging.


Neighbourhood Democracy Movement

The Founding Members

The Founding Members, Caretakers and members at the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement whom we learn from and laugh with, particularly Simon Duffy, James Lock, Sam Moon and Hannah Gray. And through the network the discovery that most of what we need for a just future is already here.


Axiom News

Axiom News

Peter and Yvonne at Axiom News who host the fortnightly Cultivating Conversation spaces to practice relational prescencing and powerful questions; have created a New Commons on Mighty Networks, and offered lots and lots of workshops that have deepened the practice in the neighbourhood.


camerados logo


Camerados everywhere and particularly Maff, who’s been a good friend, and has also crafted some principles that if practiced could change the world, one public living room at a time.


Decolonial Futures

The work and generosity of Vanessa Andreotti and Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures. Particularly Hospicing Modernity.


Emma Bearman

The challenge from Emma to centre playfulness and creativity into everything we do.  And, introducing playbox to Wigan through Playful Anywhere 

Ethics of Care

The work of Joan Tronto and the Ethics of Care, which  we learned more about due to a generous gift from Mike Chitty. 


Mauricio Lim Miller

Mauricio Lim Miller and his work on relocating resource directly to community members. The Alternative has particularly inspired some of the local work.

L30 Community

The L30 Community in Netherton, particularly Debbie Stephens for their constant inspiration and joyful approaches to community led change.

Jess Steele and Erika Rushton

Jess Steele and Erika Rushton for their amazing work on self renovating neighbourhoods in Hastings and Liverpool.


There’s many more. Sorry if we’ve missed you!