Journal of a Journey

The Vulnerables

I’ve realised how lucky I am working in the community I live and being able to see people as human beings as opposed to labels.  It’s rare these days that I sit in meetings where I feel the hair rising on the back of my neck, and yesterday was one of those rare moments.

Gill and I met with someone who does some fantastic work, right from the heart space with children, although possibly more connected to the saviour side of the heart.  It didn’t take long to see how this label of ‘the vulnerables’ was part of everyday language.

I also began to see the market opportunities attached to ‘the vulnerables’ and the division that can cause in real life communities.  

I do wish more people would consider what they might displace when they show up in citizen space.

And I do wish we’d stop using this awful term in such an everyday way.   


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