Journey of a journal

Waiting and waiting

I feel like a kid being excited and promised stuff and then it being taken away.

I’m reflecting on a meeting we had a couple of weeks ago with a council worker. The meeting went really well, really positive and left feeling like this could actually be amazing. I could see how this could work together and had high hopes of their promises to email something by the end of the week.

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting, I’ve chased it with a polite nudge but nothing. It seems to be a bit of a pattern with council employees.

Every time I’m reluctant to actually believe this might be different but I have the hope. You start to question yourself, is it me? Has something been said by someone about us?

It’s now nearly 4 weeks since we’ve met, do I send another email? Is it just that he’s forgot? Is he ill? And this happens to the majority of the meetings we have with the council. Is it just the way people work in the council or is it specific to us? And why does it feel like a weird relationship? Another polite nudge sent.